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We currently operate 25 trucks and have 43 trailers in different combinations. For very large projects we also handle the brokering of independent truckers hooked to our trailers in order to streamline dispatching.


Live Bottoms are the ultimate in construction safety. The belt feeds material out of the back of the trailer. When paving, there are less joints with a live bottom and less segregation. Because they carry a greater tonnage than tri-axles and have less time hooking and unhooking from the paver you save valuable crew time as well. They are also good for shouldering road jobs. Our live bottoms are used in locations where wires or uneven dumping services are a problem. When putting in windmill laneways we often dedicate a live bottom to dump material on the side of the road for the culvert access as this solves the overhead wire problems and the uneven ground from the road crowning. In building construction we back right inside the building which saves you a great deal of travel inside.

Live Bottoms Live Bottoms Live Bottoms Live Bottoms


The shuttle floor is a new evolution in trailers. It has all the safety features of a live bottom but with its unique design we are able to put a wider variety of products in this trailer such as mulch or topsoil as well as traditional aggregates.

Shuttle Floor Shuttle Floor Shuttle Floor Shuttle Floor


Belly dump hoppers have been around for a long time but are still under appreciated in terms of what it can do for your production and crew time. They generally carry 3 tons more on average than comparable dump trailers and with an unload time of 22 seconds they are unmatched in road production. Also as they empty out of the bottom you gain additional safety on site as you don't have to worry about trailers tipping. We are able to have excellent turnaround time on a properly prepared site, often to the point of gaining an extra load per day. With the extra tonnage and speed, imagine your crew time savings if you are able to put down 15% more material each day than much slower dump trailers

B-Trains B-Trains 3 Axle Hopper 3 Axle Hopper 3 Axle Hopper


Tri-axles are the workhorses of most jobsites. They have decent payload coupled with maneuverability and we often use them for home deliveries or tight jobsites. Tri-pups are used mainly for the longer haul as they have the best payload. They are limited on job sites however due to the room requirements needed in order to dump. We have them mainly for customer versatility, often we will load one type of product in the lead and another in the pup.

Tri-Axles, Tri-Pups Tri-Axles, Tri-Pups


Despite having specialty trailers for most of our aggregate jobs, we still find dump trailers to be the toughest units available. Hauling large rock, rip rap or gabion stone, they get the job done.

Dump Trailers Dump Trailers

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Rene Blain Trucking in Tilbury, Ontario has been a leader in supplying aggregate material like: Topsoil, Coldmix Asphalt, Rip Rap, Gabion Stone, Gravel, Sand, Crushed Stone, Clay, Black Dirt and more since 1947. Our Reliabilty, Flexibilty and Experience in gravel delivery and gravel hauling has made Rene Blain Trucking the preferred aggregate delivery and aggregates supply choice of many residential and commercial projects throughtout Chatham-Kent, Wallaceburg, Leamington, Belle River, Essex and Windsor Ontario. So if your looking to buy gravel, sand or topsoil for your next driveway and landscaping project or require something more like a 25 truck fleet to supply aggregates for a massive Municipality, Windmill, Paving or Commercial project we are the aggregate supplier to call. Trucking isn't just a job, it's our Life!