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 Reliability. It is the single most important aspect of our business. Whether you have a nine man sewer crew or a 60 man windmill development team, you don't want to wonder whether your product is going to be delivered. We recognize that time is essential on all production jobs and are adept at streamlining jobs to make a rolling production line of trucks. We are able to meet the most demanding schedules on production commercial trucking or service small retail deliveries.

Because we do not own our own pits we will pull from wherever makes the most logistical and economic sense. Our relationships with our aggregate suppliers span decades and we often pull from multiple quarry, dock or pit sources on any single job rather than 'packaging' at the expense of your crew time. We also recycle asphalt and concrete and have multiple sites for dropping fill.

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Commercial Trucking

We specialize in commercial aggregate trucking in southwestern Ontario. We have the resources and experience to provide services for jobs of all sizes, such as wind, hydro, agriculture, environmental, and a multitude of constructions projects.

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Retail Deliveries 

In addition to our construction wing we also do home deliveries and are often able to cut down on your labour by tailgate spreading or hopper spreading your driveway, parking lot or racetrack. We also encourage you to take advantage of bulk supply by coming to our yard and loading on your utility trailers. We accept Visa, Mastercard and debit for retail sales.


Topsoil Screening

We utilize a McCloskey International R105 Screener to remove any large debris from our topsoil and are able to blend a variety of soil in order to improve the nutrients or water retention in the soil.

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We have (2) 962 loaders with a 4.75yd bucket and a 5.25 yd bucket and a mid lift extension available for hire. They are both equipped with load rite scales and printers which make them excellent for use on satellite operations, as often happens when loading out recycled materials. You gain far more accuracy than simply measuring the pile.

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