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Our Products

Rene Blain Trucking LTD. carries a vast array of aggregates for commercial or residential use. From Topsoil, Gravel, Sand and Clayfill we have the aggregate products to meet any project requirements. Our Large fleet of trucks and trailers has allowed use to be the first point of contact when large scale and demanding trucking and hauling services are required. Residential homeowners can also visit our facility and purchase products using their own hauling methods, we can load or you can load.

0-7/8" Limestone A

0-2" Granular B Type II

Granular B Type I

Amherst 3/4" Clear

Dolomite 3/4" Clear 

Granular  M 

Limestone Screenings

Pea Stone

3/4" Round

 1"-3" Round


12"-24" Rip Rap

Cold Patch

Lawn Topsoil

Mason Sand


3/8" Chips

1/4" Chip Bedding

Cattle Bedding Sand 

Calcitic Lime

Dolomitic Lime

We are here to help so feel free to contact us if you need information on which product will best suit your project.

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